Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sister Missionaries

We love the sister missionaries in our mission. We have sisters from Japan, Argentina, Mongolia, and Canada.  It's always a sad day when they go home because they add so much to the mission.
We have decorated the mission office for Christmas.  We will be having our mission Christmas party on the 19th.  One of the stakes in our mission will be furnishing the dinner for all of our mission except the ham.  The members in our mission are wonderful and so willing to serve the missionaries.  On the 19th we will have a dinner, some games and then at 7:00 we are going to release 400 lighted balloons for the baptisms we have had this year in our mission.  It should be quite spectacular.
The missionaries are all going to the temple on Thursday and we are going to get a picture of all the missionaries in our mission.  It is a wonderful time to serve the Lord.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 23rd New Missionaries

We had 28 new missionaries arrive on August 23rd.  It took a lot of planning for this new group.  The housing couple had to find new apartments and plan for furnishings. The mission president called two more assistants to help.

My husband had to plan for cell phones, Elder Ashton cars and bikes,  Sister Ashton bedding for each of them.  We all had lots of paper work and were very busy.

This is going to be a great group of missionaries.  They have all been assigned to their new areas and some of them already had baptisms last weekend. We now have 149 young missionaries in our mission.  We have 170 with the couples who serve.

It is a blessing being able to interact with these missionaries.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Couples Dinner

We had a couples dinner at the LeCheminant's home in Queen Creek.  They furnished barbecued chicken and rolls and we each brought a side dish.  After everyone had eaten we visited and told the things we do as couples in the  mission.  It was interesting to find out the wonderful things the couples do to serve our mission.  
The Ord's used to sing in the Tabernacle Choir.  They now serve in three wards and help them with their music.  President and Sister Wheeler hardly have time to call their own but they generously give of their time to serve our mission.  The Ashbury's work with Just Serve.  They find service opportunities for the missionaries, the also check the missionaries apartments to make sure they are clean.  The Vorhee's are our medical advisers for four different missions.  The Hadji's' and Carver's stock the missionaries apartments with furniture, find places for them to live, and check their apartments.  The Hatch's and LeCheminant's work in the Welcome Center by the temple.  They teach the missionaries how to do family history and have Family Home Afternoons with the missionaries.   It's wonderful to have so many seniors serve in our mission.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This is our departing group of missionaries. They go home on August 23rd.  The departing missionaries are Elder Lindsey, Elder Mauclair, Elder Bartlett, Sister Statsny, Elder Williams, Elder McKnight, and Elder Schroder.  President and Sister Wheeler are in the middle.

Elder Mauclair is going home to an island outside of France.He flies into an airport located in DzaoudziMayotte on the southern tip of the island of Petite-Terre (or Pamanzi).(Which is an island outside of Africa)  It is the only airport in Mayotte with scheduled services, mainly to destinations within Africa and to France. I arrange for the travel with the missionary department.  It was really interesting trying to figure out where this airport was.  

Most of our missionaries come from Utah and Idaho, but we do get an occasional missionary from Mongolia, China, England, and Mexico.  We have some sisters that are from Alaska.  You just have to ask yourself, why does the Lord need a missionary from so far away in Gilbert, Arizona.  

We are getting ready for a new group of missionaries.  We will have 28 missionaries coming on August 23rd.  It has been interesting to plan for host families, housing, bicycles, cars, telephones, and transfer day. We love our mission.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome Wheeler's

President and Sister Nattress, Elder Kapua, Elder Carattini,
Sister Wheeler, President Wheeler
Goodbye to President and Sister Nattress.

President and Sister Nattress talked to the Wheeler's and turned over the keys to the mission.  Afterwards we had a lunch at the mission office and sent them on their way.

President and Sister Wheeler are a really nice couple.  Interesting fact, Sister Wheeler and I both attended Snow College and were in the Secretarial Studies Program.  President Wheeler was Vice President of Snow College.  He was in the communications program at BYU,  My husband was also in the communications program.  They both had some of the same professors although they didn't know each other.  In the church it is always a small world.  

We love them already!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sharp Sisters

We have some really sharp sisters in our mission.  There are 50 that serve in Gilbert.  When I served in the Ohio Columbus Mission as a young missionary there were probably 13 sisters.

Sister Shreve and Sister Finch are some of the sharpest sisters that we have met in this mission..  They both went home in July which made us sad.   But of course we received some new missionaries in July.  Among them were several sharp sisters.

We love having the sisters visit the mission office.  Today we had two sisters come in with a mangled bike.  Someone had backed out into one of them in the parking lot.  The lady that hit her gave her first name then drove off.

Several members stopped and consoled the sisters. One member gave them his business card and offered to pay for the bike or any injuries.  They were very impressed with the member support.  We have wonderful members in Gilbert.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Serving at Home

We wanted to serve a mission and still be close to our family.  So we decided to serve a mission at home.  My husband called the Gilbert Mission and found out the Brown's would be leaving in May.  So we were interviewed with the mission president and later learned we had the job.

We went to the MTC like regular missionaries do and then came home to Gilbert.

Some of the advantages are:  we get  to sleep in our own bed, drive our cars, see our children and grandchildren, and work with the missionaries. The missionaries are wonderful.  We love working with them and President and Sister Wheeler.  

There are a few things we miss like a nap every day in the afternoon, trips to see family, and to get out of the valley in the summer.  In spite of this, we love our mission and are happy to serve.