Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sharp Sisters

We have some really sharp sisters in our mission.  There are 50 that serve in Gilbert.  When I served in the Ohio Columbus Mission as a young missionary there were probably 13 sisters.

Sister Shreve and Sister Finch are some of the sharpest sisters that we have met in this mission..  They both went home in July which made us sad.   But of course we received some new missionaries in July.  Among them were several sharp sisters.

We love having the sisters visit the mission office.  Today we had two sisters come in with a mangled bike.  Someone had backed out into one of them in the parking lot.  The lady that hit her gave her first name then drove off.

Several members stopped and consoled the sisters. One member gave them his business card and offered to pay for the bike or any injuries.  They were very impressed with the member support.  We have wonderful members in Gilbert.

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