Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This is our departing group of missionaries. They go home on August 23rd.  The departing missionaries are Elder Lindsey, Elder Mauclair, Elder Bartlett, Sister Statsny, Elder Williams, Elder McKnight, and Elder Schroder.  President and Sister Wheeler are in the middle.

Elder Mauclair is going home to an island outside of France.He flies into an airport located in DzaoudziMayotte on the southern tip of the island of Petite-Terre (or Pamanzi).(Which is an island outside of Africa)  It is the only airport in Mayotte with scheduled services, mainly to destinations within Africa and to France. I arrange for the travel with the missionary department.  It was really interesting trying to figure out where this airport was.  

Most of our missionaries come from Utah and Idaho, but we do get an occasional missionary from Mongolia, China, England, and Mexico.  We have some sisters that are from Alaska.  You just have to ask yourself, why does the Lord need a missionary from so far away in Gilbert, Arizona.  

We are getting ready for a new group of missionaries.  We will have 28 missionaries coming on August 23rd.  It has been interesting to plan for host families, housing, bicycles, cars, telephones, and transfer day. We love our mission.

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