Saturday, August 27, 2016

Couples Dinner

We had a couples dinner at the LeCheminant's home in Queen Creek.  They furnished barbecued chicken and rolls and we each brought a side dish.  After everyone had eaten we visited and told the things we do as couples in the  mission.  It was interesting to find out the wonderful things the couples do to serve our mission.  
The Ord's used to sing in the Tabernacle Choir.  They now serve in three wards and help them with their music.  President and Sister Wheeler hardly have time to call their own but they generously give of their time to serve our mission.  The Ashbury's work with Just Serve.  They find service opportunities for the missionaries, the also check the missionaries apartments to make sure they are clean.  The Vorhee's are our medical advisers for four different missions.  The Hadji's' and Carver's stock the missionaries apartments with furniture, find places for them to live, and check their apartments.  The Hatch's and LeCheminant's work in the Welcome Center by the temple.  They teach the missionaries how to do family history and have Family Home Afternoons with the missionaries.   It's wonderful to have so many seniors serve in our mission.

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